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I, Researcher

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Psychology School

The semester ends next week, but I finished my last paper today, and all that remains are 3 tests, for which I am very well prepared.

Looking back on the last few months, I am overjoyed by the sheer amount of progress I’ve made, both intellectually and emotionally. In addition to having a successful transition back to school, I’ve finished the first draft of my polyamory memoir, absorbed a ton of knowledge in the field of psychology, and really sharpened my analytical writing skills.

The cherry on top is that I have learned that I’m going to be working on a psychological research study with one of my professors. To be offered this opportunity as an undergrad is completely mind blowing and a definite boon to my future career in the field.

Add in the fact that I’m taking 20 credits next semester, and I am going to be one busy girl, but damn am I ever happy.


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