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Progress on the Book(s)

Progress on the Book(s)

Woo! As I posted earlier, I finished the first draft of my polyamory memoir last month. I’ve been waiting to work on the second draft of that book until the semester is over next week – in an effort to give myself time and distance away from the project so that I can edit it more objectively.

I tried to take a complete vacation from writing altogether but found myself working instead on the first draft of a new book. This second book is a memoir that deals with my lifelong connection with kink, explains how I found the kink community, and tells the story of how Skyspook and I fell in love and built our unconventional relationship.

I’m happy to say that as of this writing, I’m 10,000 words in!

I don’t know if it’s just that I’ve gotten used to what I need to do to write longer memoir or if it’s that the subject matter of this book appeals to me more than that of the first one, but I am really enjoying the process of writing this second book. Already, I foresee a third book that talks about some of the details and practical aspects of being in a 24/7 power exchange relationship, and I have a few other ideas about issues I’d like to explore at great length including consent and sexual assault(through both my own experiences and those I’ve witnessed around me)and the dehumanizing experience of inpatient commitment to a psychiatric ward (something anyone who knows me is shocked to discover that I underwent 12 years ago after several days of sleep deprivation when leaving an abusive relationship) and my recovery from that trauma and stigma.

And as I’ve stated before, I’m sure other things will pop up that beg to be written about because, for better or worse, life is chock full of things to write about.

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