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As my life goes on, I find myself growing more and more disillusioned about the plausibility of nuanced communication being both well delivered and well received, on both sides of the equation – at least outside of the rare occurrence, the blip, freak accident of healthy interpersonal communication.

There are difficulties in working in longer forms with more complex sentence constructions, even if not necessarily conveying more complex ideas. Fluffy talked about this not too long ago, the trouble of attracting an audience using this format. Most people don’t want that kind of experience.

I’ve been around the block, taken a handful of writing classes, workshopped, read an entire shelf full of how-to writing books. I know all the rules a good writer is supposed to follow, words and constructions that are the hallmark of bad writing, every “thou shall not” under the sun.

But somehow I can’t help myself.

I write what I want, even if it comes off clumsy or deranged, hard to follow, long-winded.

So far, so good. I might not have the widest audience, but those who do read me really seem to love what I write.

I’ll take it.


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