Though these days I’m only dating 1 fellow, I still get insane amounts of compersion (a.k.a mudita) off watching my polyamorous friends date each other.

At regular intervals, one or another of them will gush to me about a good date, a good conversation, a good fuck they’ve had, whatever, which lights up my chest like the world’s biggest Christmas tree. When it’s with another friend of mine, even better.

When I was busy dating multiple people, it seemed like I was always in the throes of one pocket of NRE (new relationship energy, or limerence) or another. My loves occupied my every thought. I wanted to gush endlessly about them.

Except in my case, there was no good person to gush to. I formerly was in a much smaller poly community, and my personal web extended virtually to the edges of the small dating pool we possessed. Not only that, but I found that talking about how well things were going with one partner often (understandably) stirred up jealousy or insecurity in another.

What’s a poly person to do?

Well, worry no more!

Consider me your readily available compervert! I will gladly listen to you go on and on about your newest thing, squee with you, feel my heart swell up with joy, and commiserate as time and effort allow. I can do this discreetly upon request. I would be honored to provide you with such a necessary service!

I love to watch you love. I could do it all day long.

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