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My Mother, Constant Source of Comedy

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D/S Family of Origin Kink

“Be careful going back to school. Don’t get in with the wrong people! You’ve got such a good thing going with your man. Don’t fall in with the wrong crowd.”

If only she knew what we do on the weekend, the characters we hang out with, the leather daddies,the perverts, the thrill seekers, the pain sluts, the sadists, the consent culture activists,  the human pets, every manner of freak and geek. Our charmed life.

She would realize the absurdity of warning me about some kids I’ll be taking classes with.

Instead, I say, “Mom, I’m 31 years old. I’ll be fine.”


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D/S Family of Origin Kink Leather Family Mental Health Misc Survival
Could it be any more Freudian?
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D/S Family of Origin Kink Leather Family
Things That Make Me Go Hmmm…..
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D/S Kink