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Prized Possession

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D/S Dirty Sweet Kink

Sexually speaking, I enjoy being a thing. But not just any old thing. I want to be the best thing that he owns. I want to be Skyspook’s favorite thing.

That’s a difficult concept for some to grasp, the idea that a person can be both objectified and special to the person objectifying them.

I don’t want to be a generic, interchangeable universal item – but at times, I neither need nor want the agency or consideration a human being would warrant. I want simply to be useful and pleasing, whether it’s through providing physical comfort and utility as a place to rest his feet or sexual pleasure, to be reduced to the act rather than my identity, i.e., I become a footstool or a cocksucker, rather than a human being.

Few things in this world make me more aroused, more satisfied.


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