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As the Dom Melts

As the Dom Melts

Conversation with skyspook at 9/16/2010 12:10:53 PM on (irc)

(12:11:02 PM)page: hey, I read some of your LJ – good luck with all the weight loss stuff 🙂
(12:11:14 PM)page: I’ve been on a diet for over a year and a half now – I know how hard it can be
(12:11:58 PM)page: I’ve lost about 130 pounds in 18 months and still have 30 to lose, and it’s very frustrating
(12:12:54 PM)page: hang in there! 🙂
(12:16:49 PM)skyspook: Wow, congrats!
(12:17:07 PM)skyspook: It’s hard, lots of emotional issues. But such is life
(12:17:18 PM)page: yep! I just wanted to wish you well – it can be done 🙂
(12:18:20 PM)skyspook: Thanks 🙂
(12:18:26 PM)skyspook: It is certainly appreciated

This was one of the very first times I ever sent Skyspook a private message in the chat room we both frequented on X’s IRC server (X being Ex-Boyfriend in Cleveland, who I was newly dating in the fall of 2010). At that point, Skyspook was seriously considering gastric bypass and visiting nutritionists and the like for preoperative clearance. His insurance later changed the rules on him, and he was unable to get the procedure, a major setback at the time, but something that we now both feel was meant to be as he’s managed to finally gain control of his eating and weight without having to surgically alter his GI anatomy.


Today it became official with a big round number. Skyspook has lost 100 pounds since we started dating last spring. He looks amazing. He’s been working out the whole time and has shaped up in addition to just dropping the scale pounds, so it looks more like 150 pounds gone.

I’ve lost 156 pounds total myself in the 3 years I’ve been dieting and am a mere 4 pounds above the goal I stated in the above chat log – though Spark People set a more aggressive goal for me, an additional 24 pounds lower than my original goal, leaving me with nearly 30 pounds to go yet again. But they are vanity pounds and hardly matter in the grand scheme of things.

Having experienced the sense of personal power that came with gaining control over my weight, I am beyond pleased to have assisted Skyspook in that manner. In many ways, being a part of his success means more to me than my own success with weight loss. For me, giving is often sweeter than receiving.

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