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What Is Functional Monogamy?
·508 words·3 mins
Advice Friend Ambiamory Polyamory/Monogamy
Monogamy After Polyamory: When You Can’t Go Home Again
·1408 words·7 mins
Advice Friend Ambiamory Polyamory/Monogamy


Dear God Is Monogamy Easier When You Stop Shaming Yourself for Crushes
·509 words·3 mins
Ambiamory Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy
Polyamory Doesn’t Actually Need to Be Easy to Be Something Worth Pursuing
·1624 words·8 mins
Ambiamory Polyamory/Monogamy
How Bisexual Erasure & Toxic Monogamy Culture Are Linked
·1546 words·8 mins
Ambiamory Bisexuality Polyamory/Monogamy
Reasons Why 5 Ambiamorous People Are Functionally Monogamous…At Least For Now
·1932 words·10 mins
Ambiamory Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy


To Make Mono/Poly Easier, View Monogamy and Polyamory as a Spectrum, Not a Binary
·833 words·4 mins
Ambiamory Polyamory Polyamory/Monogamy Sexual Orientation