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Minerva the Liar

Cover for the book “Minerva The Liar”

Truthshapers. Dream invasions. Artisanal blackmail.  

Minerva Cantor is having a miserable day. Her live-in boyfriend is a man child. The guys at work keep stealing her ideas.

But when she wakes up at the hospital after a serious accident, she’s different. If she crosses her fingers, she can make lies become the truth. She can make things happen. Anything she wants.

Except there’s always a cost for bending the truth. Minerva’s lies lead her to more boyfriends than she can fit in her apartment, a secret matriarchal society of psychic bureaucrats, a resentful homunculus, and a shapeshifter with nothing to lose.

The third book in the Psychic State series takes place twenty years prior and tells the story of how the Psychic State came to be.  

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