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I Want a Chance to Miss You

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There’s nothing I like more than seeing you again after we’ve been apart. When I’ve had a chance to miss you. Whether it’s because you just went out for a few hours or you’ve been gone for a month, I love that feeling I get when we reunite.

Everything is much clearer then, everything about you is much brighter. In those moments, I feel like we’re really seeing one another again with fresh eyes.

I have to say that this was the most challenging part of lockdown for me — the fact that we were both home together all the time. Don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with you. You’re absolutely wonderful to be around, a natural companion for me. And I love our home. I do.

But it was really hard to miss you when you were always right there. If not right beside me, then right around the corner, only just out of sight.

And at times, I feel like we both pulled inward instinctively — as though struggling to create just a bit of distance. A way to miss one another when we were right there all the time. We did our best, but it wasn’t the same, this emotional distance. It didn’t give us what we wanted at all. In fact, it seemed to have the opposite effect. It was all longing and no joyful reunion.

Anyway, it’s something I’ve enjoyed lately, now that we’re fully vaccinated and both go one or two places because of it. We spend a bit of time apart. Not all that much, mind you. Not as much as we spent at certain times in the past.

But appreciably more. Enough so that I can feel that happy reunion. Just enough that I get a chance to miss you — and appreciate you properly for it.


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