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When We Said “Today Is Cancelled,” We Didn’t Really Mean It

When We Said “Today Is Cancelled,” We Didn’t Really Mean It

Universe, when we were all going around saying “today is cancelled” every time we had a bad day, we didn’t really mean it.

We weren’t being this literal.

But as it turns out, today is actually cancelled. In my life, the entire next week is cancelled. Possibly the next fortnight (we’ll see). Flattening the curve. Social distancing. And all that. The covid-19 pandemic is upstaging all of our well-laid plans, isn’t it?

What a dastardly (potentially deadly) attention ho.

It’s funny, actually. I had a lot scheduled over the next few weeks. My plans mostly consisted of taking classes, hanging out with friends, learning new things.

But now my short-term — and perhaps intermediate-term — plans all involve isolation. Being a homebody. Staying away from people other than the one person I live with (who will be a good quarantine buddy).

Bars and restaurants in my area are take-out only. Pretty much everyone who can is now working at home. My favorite community center is closed until a yet to be determined future date. So are the libraries. And cafes.

It’s like suddenly everyone in the world is a writer who needs to get out more. Until recently this hermit stereotype was me. I only recently started to get out and be social again, after a bout of deep introversion following a cross-country move.

Oh well. Back into my hidey hole for a bit longer. You, too. Get in your hidey hole. We’re flattening the curves, kiddos.

Yes, some people will say we overreacted, especially if our social distancing works. But some people still argue that the Earth is flat. So I wouldn’t worry too much about what some people — especially the nebulous general concept of every possible human being alive — could possibly think.

Stay safe. Keep others safe. We’re in this together.

Me, I plan to write obviously. Like always. Get some extra reading done. Play some video games.

And maybe do a bit of crafting. People aren’t making a run on crafting supplies the way they’re going after toilet paper, which is a handy thing indeed.

Featured Image: CC BY – Dejan Krsmanovic