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When You Find Someone You Love Sticking Up For

When You Find Someone You Love Sticking Up For

I remember the first time I ever stuck up for you for a simple reason: Because it was easy. It was the right thing to do.

But at the time, you were really surprised that I’d do that for you. You told me you weren’t used to other people sticking up for you. Ever.

Not friends. Not the women you’d dated before me.

You weren’t used to having someone step in and try to argue for you on your behalf. To try to defend you when people were being unfair about the way they talked about you.

Massaging the “facts” until they crumbled in their hands.

You would never have asked that of me, to defend you. Let alone expected it.

But there I was. Arguing with people who disparaged you. Dispelling lies that were leveled against you.

It was strange that they thought they could get away with it. The difference between a good liar and a bad one is often a matter of memory. Keeping falsehoods straight. And like many bad liars they’d forgotten they’d told me a different story earlier. They didn’t realize how obvious their deception would be. Because they couldn’t keep track of whom they told and when.

It’s generally better to tell the truth — but especially so when you have a bad memory.

Anyway, after I confronted them, I told you what I had done. And I could tell you were overwhelmed with emotion. “I’m not used to anyone sticking up for me. I’m not used to anyone fighting for me.”

I think I smiled then. Maybe I should have said, “Well, get used to it.”

Because it wouldn’t be the last time.

When You Find Someone You Love Sticking Up For

Truth is that you’re easy to defend. We are eerily similar when it comes to values.

You’re a person who tries to live a life where you never have to be ashamed of anything you’ve done, because you live according to your values. And I gotta say… you do a good job.

I respect you immensely. Not just because we’re close, but because you’re the kind of person I’m even honored that I know. I’m not an especially loyal person at default. But you make it easy to be loyal.

So it’s no big deal to defend you. I love sticking up for you.

And when you find someone you love sticking up for, it’s a true sign that you should stick together.

So that’s what I plan to do.


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