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I’m a Sucker for People Who Are Passionate About Learning New Things

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So much has been made of tall, dark, and handsome. Or of having a certain ratio of measurements. But that’s not what makes my chest ache.

Instead, I find am a sucker for people who are passionate about learning new things. About random knowledge. People who not only absorb trivia or focus on minutiae — but take the time and effort to learn how it all locks together.

Who don’t just study to pass tests or because work forced them to but enjoy learning for its own sake.

There Were Orchards in Your Words

I handed you an apple in the morning as you got ready for work. Since you like apples a lot more than I do. (I’ve always been more into oranges myself.)

You were busy, lost in your own mind. So distracted you almost forgot to take the apple with you. But I reminded you. Kissed you as you stepped out the door.

Later, when you got home, I asked you how the apple was.  Because I’d gotten a good deal on those apples. And I was curious if you’d like the rest.

You said it was a good apple.

I said that it had looked good and wondered aloud why they were discounted.

You said that the discount was probably due to the size or the variety. Since it was a braeburn, you said. Those are less popular than some other kinds.

You talked about the advantages and disadvantages of a braeburn apple. Everything you knew about that variety (likely researched on that very day, out of curiosity). Everything you knew about apples in general.

And as you spoke, I was transported to another world. There were orchards in your words. Each one overflowing with more apples.

Tomorrow it will be something different. You’ll explain to me the difference between frequency and amplitude modulation and why FM is so much more popular now. Or why a certain weather pattern appears when it does and where it does. When it’ll come again.

And I’ll take my turn, explaining twelve-tone theory or neobop.

I’m looking forward to it.


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