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Hey, Why Don’t You Write About [TOPIC]?

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In the course of running Poly Land, I get a lot of feedback from readers via both public comments and private messages.

I do hear a lot from folks seeking advice, and some of these conversations are turned into advice columns. But I also get a lot of outreaches in which the letter writer is advising _me _somehow. Offering suggestions.

By far, the most common is readers telling me what they’d like me to write about. Hey, why don’t you write about [topic]?

Some of these suggestions are pretty good.

Now, not every idea is one that’s likely to appeal to readers. Or it’ll be something that I just don’t feel like I could really write about (either don’t have enough knowledge, experience, or both and don’t have the resources at the moment to research it well enough for the write-up). And occasionally I’ll actually have already written something on the topic.

But every now and then, yeah. I do get inspired by these suggestions, and something new will come of it.

However, that’s far from the norm. And at the end of the day, people make more suggestions to me than I could write myself, even if I gave up writing other things I wanted to write already.

Which is kind of a shame, really. Because some of your ideas are _really _exciting and the kinds of things that deserve a wider audience.

Consider Pitching Those Suggestions as Guest Posts You Could Write

Are there topics or perspectives you wish you were seeing on Poly Land that you currently aren’t?

Do you wish Poly Land would feature content that better represents you or your philosophy towards life, relationships, and love?

Consider writing a guest post for us.

Our current team of guest writers is amazing. Part of what I envisioned when I started to publish articles on Poly Land every day was the opportunity to bring OTHER voices into the conversation and help to provide a more rich mix of perspectives. It’s been my honor to present their writing to you readers.

We currently operate on a shoestring and don’t have the budget to pay contributors (yet, we’re working on that), but we have a wide audience. Your article will reach tens of thousands of readers, and we’ll help you spread the word about your blog, website, book, online store, or pet project, whatever it is you’re working on and matters a lot to you.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Who We Are

Poly Land is a website that publishes new content daily on relationships, psychology, kink, and general self-improvement. The work we feature is relevant to all types of relationships, but we do have an editorial focus on polyamory and other forms of consensual non-monogamy.

Types of Content Accepted

All content submitted to Poly Land should be 100% original work. No previously published posts.

Please review our website for examples of the kind of work we publish.

We’re looking for non-fiction posts: How-to articles, research roundups, and personal stories.

We do not accept fiction or poetry at this time for Poly Land.

Post Guidelines

Pieces should be 300 to 2000 words. However, most articles that appear on Poly Land are 500 to 1000 words. Longer pieces are occasionally considered but must warrant that length.

Generally speaking, we look for the following:

  • An interesting perspective
  • Clear, easy to follow writing
  • Humor a plus (where appropriate)

Personal pieces are great, provided our readers can follow, relate, and gain insight.

Any sources should be included within the submitted piece by placing them where they are cited in the piece, in brackets – [  ].  When possible, we prefer online sources so that our readers can easily navigate to them. If the source is hard copy, please provide the link to the book somewhere online (Google Books, WorldCat, its Amazon listing, etc).

How to Submit

Posts may be submitted  via our online form here.

You may submit an article pitch (preferably including what your article would be about, how long you expect the finished post to be, and at least a temporary working title) or the entire post (if already written).

In your submission, please include links to your other online work so we can get a better sense of your overall writing style.

Once a piece of writing is submitted to us, it becomes property of Braided Studios, LLC. You are encouraged to share the published article with people you know but are prohibited from reposting the entire article on your personal blog or anywhere else without express permission from Poly Land. If your work is accepted, Poly Land reserves the right to edit headlines and body copy.

Poly Land strives to respond to all pitches and submissions within 1 week. If you haven’t heard from us in 2 weeks, you can assume it’s a no.

When time permits, we will contact rejected contributors and explain why pieces didn’t meet our needs.



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