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Ghosts of Lovers Past

Ghosts of Lovers Past

“That reminds me of someone I used to date who…”

I used to do this so often that Seth and Megan got so they could anticipate when it was about to happen. I’d get this look on my face, nostalgic with a little thrill, as though a memory had been sparked back to life. I was about to open a gift from the past that kept on giving.

When we were monogamous, Seth found this habit of mine profoundly annoying. “You’re not with them anymore, you’re with me. You talk about your exes way too much.”

But Megan found it endearing, so when the triad was formed, I resumed the practice, and since I relocated permanently to Poly.Land not long after, I’ve continued and do it to this day.

Call me a woman possessed, but once someone has been in my heart, pieces of them persist long after life gets in the way.

It’s not difficult to speak well of my exes, to remember what they’ve taught me. Even if it didn’t work for one reason or another, there was something I loved about them in the first place.

Sometimes I feel that all I am is a nest composed primarily of favorite scraps of the people I’ve known and loved.

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