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Not So Fast

Not So Fast

I feel heroic when I fast. Maybe it brings out the hunter/gatherer in me. Maybe it’s the challenge. I’m sure part of it is subversive. I like showing food whose boss – and proving to myself I don’t need it every day, all day. Asserting my independence, if you will. Fasting it toughest at work. It helps that I stay busy and the day flies, but working in a small office where everyone is rather social and obsessed with comfort food, I get hassled whenever I ignore break room donuts and pizza. I suspect abstaining from lunch altogether wouldn’t fly. Luckily, it’s easy enough to be subtle about it during the short jags that I’m subsisting on water, coffee, fiber pills, and knowledge.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with fasting every other day. Nothing from when I wake up until dinner around 6 or 7 and if I’m still hungry 20+ minutes out from dinner, I might have a small snack, but all eating for the day is done within 2 hours.

The “off day,” I limit my eating from the hours of noon to 8 pm.

It does help that staying low carb slashes your appetite, and I’m not tempted to binge at the appointed time the eating window swings open.

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