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…I don’t understand (dream)

…I don’t understand (dream)

I dreamt last night that I got a phone call notifying me that my ex-husband Seth had died. Apparently it had been defending my older sister, who was being attacked by her ex-girlfriend (those two had a contentious break-up themselves involving a court appearance for a restraining order). In dream space, my sister was in the hospital recovering from her extensive injuries. I was told that Seth had some sort of underlying heart condition that precipitated his death, that the stress from the altercation merely exacerbated a very serious (though unknown) cardiac problem.

The caller told me that I was being contacted as a beneficiary on some sort of policy Seth kept. I knew instinctively it had to be ancient, an oversight, something he forgot to change. After all, we’ve been divorced 2 years, and though we chat occasionally and are on friendly terms, we live 900 miles apart. Besides, I told the caller, we’d stipulated in our dissolution that all our retirement and benefit policies would remain separate when we split up.

The caller read the date of the policy (relatively recent, post-divorce) and insisted on getting my address.

I dropped the phone and started tearing things off my kitchen wall.

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