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Hot Writing Tip

Hot Writing Tip

(2:24:34 PM) skyspook: You just need pushes in the right direction I think. You’re like me in more ways than one… you’re blind to your own talent
(2:24:39 PM) page: maybe
(2:24:52 PM) page: I feel like the only reason I’m any good as a writer is because I wrote so much
(2:24:56 PM) page: everybody is shitty when they start
(2:25:05 PM) page: I just wrote countless words until I wasn’t shitty 😛
(2:25:19 PM) page: there’s my writing advice
(2:25:24 PM) page: write countless words until you aren’t shitty
(2:25:36 PM) page: throw away or don’t show anybody most of them until you’ve written several buttloads

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