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Strange Company

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I mentioned a few posts back about a writing project I’ve undertaken, a book, a memoir.

It’s an odd feeling writing this book. The person I’ve been spending the most time with lately is the me of 2009. Somehow I feel I owe her an apology. I guess the book is that apology.

Perhaps I should explain. I’ve come to a very strange place in my life the last couple of years, had some interesting adventures for sure – but also a lot of pain, upset, and upheaval. At times, I was very negative about the choices I made that brought me here, judged the version of myself that made them.

Combing through private journals and chat logs, it’s became apparent to me that I was far too harsh in my self-criticism.

It’s cliche how these things (and much else) are clearer in hindsight, but mundanities spring from truth.

It makes me think that someday I may be looking back on this self, the self of 2012, and seeing my foibles once again with compassion, will be able to forgive.


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