I am in a relationship that is wonderful beyond words. Romantically speaking, this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

I’m not used to being this happy with a partner, having my needs met this fully, enjoying myself this effortlessly and consistently.

Lately, I’ve been trying to sort out some of the shock from the experience.

One thing more than others I am having the hardest time with:

I cannot figure out, for the life of me, why the person that Skyspook thinks I am is so much nicer, more trustworthy, and generally better than the person my ex-husband thought I was.

He believes in me and is genuinely curious about what I have to say in a way I’m not at all used to.

It’s true that I’ve grown quite a bit over the last year as a result of many experiences, but still, the difference is striking.

I like who I am when reflected back in Skyspook’s eyes – I was ashamed of the person my ex-husband thought I was.

How can this be?

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  1. Let’s turn this around.

    Skyspook is a wonderful, nurturing partner with the ability to trust and a good head on his shoulders. And he wants the best for you. Clearly, he can perceive you a lot more clearly than your ex, as evidenced by the much better relationship you and he ongoingly create.

    Why couldn’t your ex-husband perceive you as clearly as Skyspook does? Why couldn’t he see, nurture, and encourage the best in you, like Skyspook can?

    I’ve only read a bit about your ex here on your blog. Even from that little it’s obvious he was a manipulative, passive-aggressive, hostile person. I don’t know if he was even capable of perceiving your best, but if he was… he had plenty of incentive to pretend otherwise, because running you down made you easier to manipulate and control.

    When a manipulator tells you about yourself, expect manipulation, not truth.

    When a liar tells you about yourself, expect lies.

    And when a good man who loves you and makes you happy tells you about yourself, PAY ATTENTION.

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