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Diet/Weight Loss

That first bite of fried egg hit my tongue and sent my whole mouth into paroxysms of joy. Just a kiss of butter, the white so delicate and chewy, medium hard yolk melting, sending shivers down my spine. It was as good as anything I’ve ever eaten while stoned. And we were both perfectly sober. I moaned with each bite, exclaiming, “This is better than 75% of the sex I’ve had in my life, and I’ve really slutted around.” I ate with deliberate caution, testing the waters, languidly enjoying each bite as though it were a meal in and of itself. I beamed. Two beautiful fried eggs, and I was sated.

The plan had been to adhere to the all-liquid phase for 6 weeks, but after 2 weeks, we’d already dropped the amount of weight we thought possible, were having trouble staying hydrated, found ourselves overly nauseated and lacking in energy. Skyspook did a little research and determined we were too close to the tipping point between deep, deep ketosis and all-out ketoacidosis (CLEARLY A BAD IDEA, essentially metabolic crisis mode). We hashed it out with a few close friends at the party, as the worst symptoms chose that time to manifest, and came to the consensus that clearly we should proceed to the next phase of our little plan: which includes solid foods.

I slept wonderfully. We’re both perky and full of energy today. Skyspook’s set up meal plans and made a grocery run – he was so sweet, bought me a wonderful array of canned seafood, and I’m dreaming of making some nice crab cakes (with low-crab tweaks obviously) for myself, whipping up a clam sauce to put over some veggies, and all other manner of things.

We had a lovely small lunch and sat and ate every bite wistfully at the table. It’s so wonderful. We were taking food for granted, shoveled it in, didn’t stop to appreciate it.

So many bad habits have been broken – snacking, emotional eating, etc.

And he’s down 22 pounds as a result, and I’m down 12.

What a great experiment. 🙂


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