I Can’t Tell You What Kind of Partner I Am, and That’s Okay

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Image by hobvias sudoneighm / CC BY

“You write an awful lot about other people, how kind they are to you, and how much you appreciate them. I find myself thinking that I hope you are as kind to them back. I hope you make an effort, too. And I wish you’d write more about what kind of partner you are, because I don’t like wondering about it.”  » Read more

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9 Things Monogamists Can Learn From Polyamory

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Image by Coralie Ferreira / CC BY

As polyamory increases in popularity and new evidence emerges that non-monogamy can be a viable and satisfying way to conduct relationships, it’s tempting to pit monogamy versus polyamory in a boxing match. However, both relationship styles have benefits. And the best relationships combine aspects of each to form “the best of both worlds.”  » Read more

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What I Learned from Watching Masterchef Junior

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Image by Moyan Brenn / CC BY

On its face, Masterchef Junior is a lot like other reality TV cooking competitions. Cooks are pitted against each other week to week as they face various wildly improbable challenges. Something like cooking for the client from Hell, armed only with canned mushrooms.

Making pasta from scratch within a ridiculous time limit.

That kind of thing.  » Read more

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The Last Pretzel Bite: The Ins and Outs of Out-Niceing Each Other

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Image by LA Foodie / CC BY

“You can have it.”

“No, it’s yours.”

“Just take it already.”

It’s a dance that Skyspook and I do. Each one deferring in turn, the politeness spinning into frustration spinning into rudeness. Our civil selves unravel.

“Alright. Fine,” one of us finally says. The concession to self-serving smooths everything over.  » Read more

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Dating the Same Girls: Poly Rivalry and Good Taste

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Image by Charles Barilleaux / CC BY

“What would be the hardest thing for you?” I asked Rob.

“You mean, what would really push my buttons?” he replied.


He leaned back on the wall behind the bed. “It’s a tough question. I don’t have a lot of jealousy.”

I nodded. It had taken some doing to explain to Rob why his dating my ex-girlfriend might be difficult for me.  » Read more

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