It’s Harder to Walk Away From Something That Isn’t Working Out When You’ve Already Invested A Lot In It

a black and white photo of a bride getting her makeup done by a professional
Image by Viktor-G / CC BY

If her doubts had started on her wedding day, I probably would have called them cold feet.

But they didn’t.

She started wanting to back out a full six months before the wedding.

“This sounds really serious,” I’d tell her. “What are you going to do?”

“What can I do?”  » Read more

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Apparently You’re Not Supposed to Invite Exes to Your Wedding. Oops.

bride and groom wedding cake toppers made of sock monkey puppets
Image by Tamara / CC BY

I’ve been married twice, but until recently I had never been asked to be in a wedding that wasn’t my own. You could say I was always a bride, never a bridesmaid. But in the past few months, I received news that this is about to change.

First, I was asked to be a bridesmaid in what will arguably be one of the most polyamorous weddings I’ve ever been to,  » Read more

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Wedding Day

Skyspook and I got married last weekend. Along with a lovely ceremony and the best guests I could have ever asked for, there were a monsoon and a widow maker.

I’ve spent the week catching up on school work and house work and recovering from the festivities, so though I have dozens of things I’d like to write about,  » Read more

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Legalista, Bridal Consultant

Something about buying a wedding dress makes the upcoming wedding seem so much more real.

“Page, this is so you!” Legalista says.

I study myself in the mirror. Chic, sexy, elegant, nostalgic. 50’s flavor without being cartoonish about it. It is a style I’d never worn but one that suits me to a T.  » Read more

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