I Don’t Hate Myself Anymore

Recently I started talking to a therapist to deal with some of the stress and remaining baggage that working with clients has stirred up, and I have to say that once you have psychological training yourself, going to therapy is a truly weird experience. Even though you know nearly all the tricks they’re using and can see them in practice,  » Read more

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View From the Other Side

It’s surreal being on the other end of the therapeutic client-counselor relationship. I remember going to therapy before and thinking things like, “My therapist probably thinks I’m a pathetic mess who does nothing but screw up and deserves all the bad things in her life. My therapist doesn’t believe a word I’m saying, and the minutes are probably crawling along at an agonizingly slow speed.”   » Read more

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It was quite a surprise when I met with my therapist last night.

“How are you doing?” she asked.

I smiled, thought a moment. “Really well, actually. Really freaking well. Something just clicked in my head, and so much makes sense now.”

I talked about my newfound clarity about my failed first marriage,  » Read more

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Unknown Devils

The last few years of our marriage, Ex-Husband used to say that people were taken with me only because they didn’t know me very well, that the problems between the two of us were caused by his knowing “the true me,” and that after any significant length of time anyone I was with romantically would have similar complaints and that I’d run into the same problems over and over again.  » Read more

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Things I Do Believe

Something my therapist has been working on with me lately is examining old beliefs, basically things other people have told me that I find problematic and stressful and reframing or rejecting them as necessary. In addition, I’ve been tasked with building a belief system that suits me,  my life where it is now, where I want to go –  » Read more

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Paradigm Shift

I woke up yesterday morning, completely without warning, with a sense that a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt lighter, more at peace. My anxiety was better than I can remember it being. I could speak without the echo of fear and doubt that accompanies most of my social interactions (in the manner of quick thoughts like “well,  » Read more

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