If You’re Trying to Spot an Abuser, Look for Someone Who’s Emotionally Immature

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In spite of the fact that we haven’t seen each other in years, I still think about my therapist Sue every now and then.

On the surface, we shouldn’t have worked well together therapeutically. Because we didn’t have much in common. She was a mild-mannered person with Biblical verse plaques sprinkled on the walls of her office.  » Read more

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The Delicate Art of Dating Someone New While Still Grieving From a Breakup

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Hi Page! Your writing has been such a source of community and inspiration for me, especially as someone fairly new to polyamory. I’m wondering: what is your experience with healing from a breakup while still in other romantic relationships? My long-term partner and I recently broke up. I started seeing someone else pretty shortly afterwards.  » Read more

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A World Where People Don’t Say What They Mean

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It had been a long emotional night. Yet another fight with Seth.

It wasn’t just that we were arguing again. No, it was worse than a repeat. The negativity had gone to a whole new level.

“I used to love you before you became such a bitch,” he said.

I’ve Learned You Don’t Argue with Someone Who Is Insulting You

I learned a long time ago that you don’t argue with someone who is insulting you.  » Read more

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I Don’t Hate Myself Anymore

Recently I started talking to a therapist to deal with some of the stress and remaining baggage that working with clients has stirred up, and I have to say that once you have psychological training yourself, going to therapy is a truly weird experience. Even though you know nearly all the tricks they’re using and can see them in practice,  » Read more

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View From the Other Side

It’s surreal being on the other end of the therapeutic client-counselor relationship. I remember going to therapy before and thinking things like, “My therapist probably thinks I’m a pathetic mess who does nothing but screw up and deserves all the bad things in her life. My therapist doesn’t believe a word I’m saying, and the minutes are probably crawling along at an agonizingly slow speed.”   » Read more

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It was quite a surprise when I met with my therapist last night.

“How are you doing?” she asked.

I smiled, thought a moment. “Really well, actually. Really freaking well. Something just clicked in my head, and so much makes sense now.”

I talked about my newfound clarity about my failed first marriage,  » Read more

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