Does Modern Technology Make Separation Easier… or Harder?

a pause button
Image by wendEwho! Thompson / CC BY

I’ve spent the past few months separated from my nesting partner as he’s relocated to take a new job in Texas, and I’ve been staying mostly in Ohio to sell our old house and wrap up loose ends (traveling occasionally to Texas to help him with logistics).

And while it’s only temporary, how temporary it will be has been up in the air for weeks,  » Read more

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We Broke Up, But Facebook Thinks We’re Still Together

a blue button in the Facebook user interface style. It has a thumbs down symbol and says Dislike
Image by Sean MacEntee / CC BY

My phone buzzes. I glance at the lock screen. And immediately sigh.

My newly ex-boyfriend has posted another status. Something about sports. Inscrutable to those who don’t possess encyclopedic knowledge of various plays. Codified like a comparative analysis of chess openings. Not my language.

And what am I doing looking at this status anyway?  » Read more

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Today Nintendo, Tomorrow the World

1988: My grandmother woke us in the middle of the night. I saw her standing there in the hallway in her velvet bathrobe looking quite the grande dame and knew instantly. My brother and I leapt from our beds and jumped up and down like little howler monkeys. Our parents were home!

They’d only been gone for two days on a trip to Portland,  » Read more

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