12 More Reasons Why People Say They Want to Break Up With Someone But Never Do

a photograph of a red pen on a notebook that has a bunch of broken hearts drawn on it in red ink
Image by fractured-fairytales / CC BY

I recently published an article called “Why Do Some People Say They Want to Break Up With Someone For a Long Time & Then Never Do It?

In that essay, I talked about some reasons I’d heard from others or seen in action that could be potential answers to that question:

    • A fear of change
    • A fear of being single and/or having to date again (i.e.,
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It’s Harder to Walk Away From Something That Isn’t Working Out When You’ve Already Invested A Lot In It

a black and white photo of a bride getting her makeup done by a professional
Image by Viktor-G / CC BY

If her doubts had started on her wedding day, I probably would have called them cold feet.

But they didn’t.

She started wanting to back out a full six months before the wedding.

“This sounds really serious,” I’d tell her. “What are you going to do?”

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