I Wasn’t Always Polyamorous. Dating Was Like a Game of Musical Chairs.

a bunch of white chairs formed in a circle with the seats facing outward, like in a game of musical chairs
Image by rick / CC BY

I often feel very alien when I find myself amongst a a pack of other polyamorous educators. It’s very common to hear a familiar story from them: They’ve always been polyamorous. Monogamy never seemed quite right to them. They went through life framing relationships in a different way than other people. Conducting themselves polyamorously before they knew the word.  » Read more

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Something I see a lot in my professional travels are people who want to be supportive to a partner who’s struggling but don’t want to be “an enabler.” This is a tricky distinction for a lot of people, and our cultural false dichotomy that you are either enabling them with support OR vilifiying them and throwing them to the wolves doesn’t help matters (the intervention as paradigm has socially modeled this,  » Read more

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