Those Days When You’re Still Paying Off the Emotional Debt from the Day Before

puddles of cooled molten glass that form the word "sleepwalking"
Image by Steve Jurvetson / CC BY

It’s one of those days.

Sometimes I get so damned tired of the questions my brain asks me that I can’t answer.

Some days I wake up exhausted for seemingly no reason. Not because I didn’t get enough sleep (although that’s always a struggle). But feeling as though an important part of me can’t get any rest.  » Read more

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What Is Allostatic Load?

a cat with its mouth wide open, displaying its teeth and tongue
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

Man, the pandemic… it’s… ugh… it’s a bad time.

Regardless of who you are, whether you’ve got your feet on the ground and are looking at peer-reviewed data or have decided to don some manner of tinfoil hat (of any shape or size), these times are difficult and frustrating.

If you’re one of those folks who think this whole thing is no big deal re: public health (for purposes of disclosure,  » Read more

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Yes, Forcing Yourself to Smile Actually Does Make You Feel a Little Better

Image by Bruce Guenter / CC BY

My grandma once told me that if you’re sad that you should just put on bright lipstick and smile.

Her reasoning was more about self-protection than anything else. She said that people would be too busy looking at your lipstick to notice your sadness.

And so you’d avoid the most dreadful states of all: Pity.  » Read more

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Empathy or Envy: Amatonormativity and Hidden Costs

a photo of an art gallery, to the left is a bronze statue that appears to be a woman with a child on her shoulders. Directly ahead is a brightly colored painting that appears to be a man leaping out of his own body. Off to the right, there appears to be a triptrych of modern images of the crucifixion. There are a few nondescript/blurry patrons and distantly in the photo there is a painting, details unclear, but it appears to be a portrait of someone wearing a red outfit.

When I look at beautiful things now, I don’t wonder at the talent that must have produced it. Instead, I think of the stress that it probably took.

What happened behind the scenes? How many nights were spent sleepless? Exactly how heavy was the weight of the artist’s head in their hand?

The most beautiful things in life often come with very hidden and very private costs.  » Read more

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