If You Don’t Want to Write Back to a Stranger, You Probably Shouldn’t

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I have been getting random Internet messages from people I don’t know for a very long time. Certainly these days — but well before. Back before I wrote daily in public or managed a large social media page, I still got a steady stream of outreaches from strangers.

I’ve never quite reasoned why.  » Read more

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Vagueposting Has Really Become an Inescapable Cultural Expectation

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vagueposting: (noun) making posts on social media that either

  1. Give off a vague feeling of sadness or other emotional issues to prompt others into asking what’s wrong and generally shower said poster with attention
  2. Talk smack about someone without mentioning them.

(definition source: urban dictionary)

I Work On a Time Delay

A long while back,  » Read more

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Who Gets Suspicious About a Partner’s Social Media Activity?

it's a diagram with a thought bubble in the middle. Arrows are pointing to it from various icons on the hub of the implied circle. (These icons also have arrows pointing to each other.) Starting at 12:00 position on the wheel and moving clockwise, these are what the hand drawn icons appear to be: Cell phone, laptop computer, envelope, a magnifying class, 3 stick people, a lightbulb
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I recently featured a letter from someone concerned that their boyfriend might be conducting a secret affair based on their social media activity. After I featured that letter, I got a ton of response from readers weighing in on their thoughts.

Many of them were frankly surprised that someone could become so concerned based on their partner’s social media activity (in this specific case,  » Read more

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When Public Displays of Affection on Social Media Are Hiding Unhappiness

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I’ve always been someone who posts positive things about partners on social media. Always.

I post positive things when things are going well. I post positive things when they’re not.

It’s a funny thing because when you’re a relationship writer, people expect you to let it all hang out. For you to have no boundaries about what you say.  » Read more

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PQ 9.5 — Is someone threatening my well-being, safety or livelihood?

screenshot of 2 people texting. 1: Morning sunshine 2: Good morning baby. I love you. 1: Love you too! 2: Have a good day 1: I hope you do too. 2: Thanks! You are the best boyfriend ever 1: Naw, I'm just in love.
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PQ 9.5 — Is someone threatening my well-being, safety or livelihood?


Threatening well-being, safety or livelihood? That sounds fairly extreme now, doesn’t it?

And yet — as in PQ 9.1, it’s important to note that sometimes these threats onset in rather insidious ways. That’s the tricky thing about abusive relationships.  » Read more

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