Super Cute Gift!

My birthday’s this week, and my friend Crystal sent me the most adorable present.  I’m a telecommuter and am in the process of turning my at-home office into a full-blown “girl cave” – like the one the Sexy Librarian has and I got to drool over recently. Clothes, shoes, probably a vanity,  » Read more

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Shoe Porn: Madrid, Ed Hardy

It all started last October when J and the Sexy Librarian took me shopping at the mall with them. Since Halloween was right around the corner, there was a beautiful shiny pair of coppery orange  pumps at Torrid that I was absolutely in love with, but I had so many irritating expenses at the time what with attorney fees and my divorce filing costs and paying a therapist to process guilt from the divorce that I couldn’t justify dropping $60 on a new pair of pumps,  » Read more

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Shoe Porn

Gently used cherry red Hot Topic brand pumps, obtained for $13.00 (shipping included) on eBay.

I don’t usually go for open-toed styles, but these were so unique – tulip-esque, a cross between hooves and labia.  » Read more

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The Obvious

I know I’ve been talking a lot about chores lately. I probably sound like a neat freak.

In truth, I was a very messy child, who grew into a slob. I then shacked up with and eventually married someone even messier than me. That man is Ex-Husband. He rode off into the sunset long ago.  » Read more

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