The Kind of Self-Help That Sneaks Up On You

a stack of books and an e-reading device
Image by Hobbies on a Budget / CC BY

I’m a big reader. Have been ever since I learned how. I grew up reading primarily fiction. It was the same through my teens and into my mid 20s. Fiction and loads of it.

And then, somewhere along the line, I stopped reading fiction. If I had to guess when it happened, I can look back at my back-to-back experiences prepping for two separate careers (after the changing economy snatched one away): the first involved cramming medical terminology into my skull;  » Read more

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Fifty Shades of Meh – Review, Might Have a Few Spoilers

I just finished reading E. L. James’s Fifty Shades trilogy.

Noting Myth’s and J’s warnings that the books were birthed from Twilight fan fiction, and nothing possibly good could come of that, I nonetheless downloaded the first book on my Kindle. There’s been a lot of buzz about the book, and as a long-time reader of romance (I completely devoured a trunk of trashy paperbacks bestowed to me by my aunt in elementary school that I was mysteriously allowed to read by my otherwise conservative parents) and an advocate of kink,  » Read more

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Super Cute Gift!

My birthday’s this week, and my friend Crystal sent me the most adorable present.¬† I’m a telecommuter and am in the process of turning my at-home office into a full-blown “girl cave” – like the one the Sexy Librarian has and I got to drool over recently. Clothes, shoes, probably a vanity,  » Read more

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Shoe Porn: Madrid, Ed Hardy

It all started last October when J and the Sexy Librarian took me shopping at the mall with them. Since Halloween was right around the corner, there was a beautiful shiny pair of coppery orange¬† pumps at Torrid that I was absolutely in love with, but I had so many irritating expenses at the time what with attorney fees and my divorce filing costs and paying a therapist to process guilt from the divorce that I couldn’t justify dropping $60 on a new pair of pumps,  » Read more

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