A Lot of People Only Tell You What They Really Think About You When You’re Leaving

a dental office
Image by SunnyView Dental / CC BY

I’m standing at the reception counter after a dental cleaning. My last one at the practice, since I’m in the process of moving to Texas. We’ve overpaid in the past and are owed some kind of refund. Probably. They’ll bill insurance for this cleaning and see what happens, but we’re probably going to get some money back once that happens.  » Read more

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The Way We See Ourselves & How Others See Us Are Often Very Different Things

it is a diagram known as the Johari window. There are four boxes. Along the top are the labels "known to self" and "not known to self". Along the left side are the labels "known to others" and "not known to others." The box that is known to self and known to others is labeled "arena." The box that is known to others but not known to self is labeled "blind spot." The box that is not known to others and known to self is "facade." the box that is not known to self and not known to others is labeled "unknown."
Image by Simon Shek / CC 0

How we see ourselves and how others see us are often very different things.

Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingraham created an exercise called the Johari Window (named by combining part of both of their first names, Jo + Harri/Hari) that can help bridge that gap.

In the Johari Window exercise, participants pick words from a list of adjectives that they feel describe their personality.  » Read more

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Better Door Than a Window

white house iwth a green door and green window

Lately, I’ve been reading Franklin Veaux’s More Than Two, which along with The Ethical Slut is about the best reading  for an overview of polyamory and its attendant issues that one can do.

I’ve been a long-time reader of Veaux’s website as it came up as a resource on my very first Google searches of “polyamory” back in 2009 when Megan and Pete came out to our friend group as poly and introduced us all to the concept.  » Read more

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