I’ve Had My Own Advice Used Against Me… and That’s a Good Thing

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“Are you sure about that?” my partner says. “Because I think you’re biased here.”

“Well,” I say in response, my voice dripping with equal parts defensiveness and smugness, “I may be┬ábiased. But that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”

“You know,” my partner says, “that reminds me of something a relationship writer once wrote.”  » Read more

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I Find Reliable, Passionate, & Considerate People So Swoonworthy

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I’ve been talking to a friend who’s filling out profiles for matchmaking services. I haven’t done that myself too much. Haven’t really done much online dating either. I’ve tried that a few times for short periods of time, but I hated the experience so much I’ve mostly met people other ways. For me that’s been occasionally through in-person meetups but primarily via friends of friends.  » Read more

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People Can and Do Change But Not Just Because You Want Them To

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“People don’t change,” he says.

And I can tell he thinks he’s absolutely right by the way he says it. But that’s the funny thing about confidence: It doesn’t always equate to accuracy or skill (in fact, there’s research that suggests that confident people are less skilled, and more highly skilled folks are plagued by doubt).  » Read more

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