Sexual Fluidity: Sailing Polyamory Through Uncharted Waters

a large galleon (old-fashioned ship with 2 large masts) is docked at a harbor
Image by Rob Bixby / CC BY

“What prompted the ‘biphobic’ comment from a reader?” they ask me.

I laugh. “That was several months ago. It was in response to this post. I admit in the piece I was near the line, and I knew it would be controversial. I was encouraged by several other queer people to write it because they wanted to but feared the backlash.”  » Read more

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I Was Treated as a Disease Vector: Why There Are So Few Gay Men in Pansexual Polyamory

a closeup of a mosquito on human skin
Image by dfataustralianaid / CC BY

Today’s post is a guest blog post from Fluffy.  Fluffy’s experiences with polyamory fascinate me as their history diverges wildly from my own. So I pestered them for weeks to share some of it.

In addition to being my bestie, Fluffy is a current researcher of transgender issues in the workplace and one fiendishly good knitter and tie dye artist.  » Read more

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Queer, There, Everywhere: Upstaged by Dudes

a collie dog upstaging 2 other black dogs, one of which looks unhappy about it and maybe a bit jealous
Image by Flavio Ensiki / CC BY

“It’s nothing personal, Page,” she says.

We’re sitting in my car. My tiny blue compact, grandma-ed out with a black car bra. Her skin is glowing softly in the parking lot lights flooding into the backseat and just gracing her face.

“What do you mean ‘it’s nothing personal?’” I reply. “You don’t feel the same way about me that I do about you.  » Read more

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Love Threesomes, Hate the Patriarchy

the bisexual pride flag, red, purple, and blue

I really love threesomes. Really, really love threesomes. Well, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes. Pretty much any configuration that has me with one guy and at least one girl, I’m so down for. One of the most interesting products of taking the plunge into polyamory in 2009 is that it made it really difficult to compartmentalize my bisexuality into the straight and lesbian bins that monogamy seemed to sort my desires into by default,  » Read more

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