Does Sleeping Around Make You More Empathetic?

a stack of small teal silk pillows. the top one reads "do not disturb" with flowers stamped next to it
Image by gabby-girl / CC BY

In an earlier post, “Altruism Is Freaking Dead Sexy, Giving Is Hot,” I discussed a recent research study which suggested that a giving nature could predispose a person to have more sex partners.

In “Being Slutty Made Me More Empathetic” sex journalist Kate Sloan argues that the conclusion of this study could have the causality quite backwards.  » Read more

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The Question of Promiscuity, OR Ain’t Gonna Shame Ya

The stigma of having multiple partners is ubiquitous. It’s especially obvious in “normal” society with the standard tradition of monogamy or at least serial monogamy where people are expected to have only one sexual partner in any given time span. Sex positivity has been in my life (as I’m sure it has been in many others) a constant struggle to connect with and accept my own sexuality,  » Read more

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