What You’re Doing When You Criticize Yourself In Front of Other People

a finger pointing towards the camera with a 1-star review behind it
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

“Wow, that came out beautiful,” I said. “What glaze combo did you use?”

“You’re kidding, right?” the other potter replied.

“Ummm…. no,” I said. I laughed nervously.

She turned to her friend, started talking with him about everything that was “wrong” with her stunning dishes, pointedly ignoring me.

I sheepishly picked up my comparatively janky little beginner pieces.  » Read more

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I’ve Learned to Be Agnostic About New Experiences

greenware cylinders on a drying shelf with a bucket of water nearby and some clay
Image by bptakoma / CC BY

I’m sitting in my very first ceramics class. It’s an orientation to using the shared workspace. We’re not even making a project yet. That will come later, in subsequent classes.

This is a small seminar about clay. The kilns on site. How projects are stored. That sort of thing.

Later I’ll be glad for the handout I’m given,  » Read more

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