The Surprisingly Long History of Polyamorous & Non-Monogamous Films in Hollywood

vintage postcard featuring the hollywood sign
Image by Mark Fugarino / CC BY

Today’s piece is a guest blog post from KC James. One half of that kick-ass wedding Page wrote about recently, KC studied filmmaking and is an avid collector of analog film media. His regular online haunt is Popcorn Logic: Film & Television¬†where he writes about film and TV trivia.

And check out what he wrote for Poly Land today:

The Surprisingly Long History of Non-Monogamous Films in Hollywood

Since their introduction in 1895,  » Read more

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Princesses Are Good, Queens Are Evil

It's a stillshot frame of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic wtih a unicorn chilling in front of a fire with a pen and quill. Words over image read: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Princess Celestia was originally a queen but was changed because Hasbro executives thought Disney had too closely associated Queens as villains
Image by Popcorn Logic / CC BY

I know most people don’t talk about memes very much. Most people consider them trivial, barely worthy of fleeting attention. But I personally enjoy and share them a lot and have found some memes to offer unexpectedly deep looks into subjects, mirrors that reflect what we share in common with others, or don’t. While most memes are pretty silly,  » Read more

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