Voyeurism as Exposure Therapy: How Watching Kink Scenes Made Polyamory Easier for Me

a closeup of the face of an orange and white cat that is hiding in the grass
Image by Roman Till / CC BY

I’m watching them from across the room, leaning against the wall. Trying to be as unobtrusive as I can, so that I don’t spoil their energy. I’ve positioned myself so that there’s another scene partially obscuring my view: A woman pressed up against a St. Andrew’s cross, her partner flogging her back in time to the music filtering into the room.  » Read more

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Buttinski, #1 Metamour, or Compervert? Walking that Fine Line

a closeup image of a hotel key slot with a card inserted. the card reads "privacy please"
Image by hyku / CC BY

Buttinski Sign

Buttinski Sign. It is my Achilles heel. The thing that I find hardest about polyamory.  And it’s never what I’m asked about when people first learn I’m polyamorous. Usually, the most frequently asked question is something like “But don’t you get jealous?” (The answer to that question incidentally is yes occasionally, but not all the time,  » Read more

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