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people pleasing

people pleasing

a computer generated image of a basic shape of a person who is holding a pen and checking a box that says "maybe." in the checklist, the other two options are "yes" and "no."

A Very Wise Person Once Told Me That Yes = No & No = Yes

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There’s no getting around it. One of the most sabotaging things you can do is not set boundaries with other people. It can be extremely damaging to your life and happiness if you regularly say yes to other people when you really want to say no.

a photo of a lightbulb on the ground. A small plant is growing within the lightbulb.

When You’re Suspicious of Your Own “Growth”

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I have suffered from people pleasing my whole life, and am inclined to change too much for other people, especially if I like them. Even if it makes me miserable. It’s easy in such a situation to be suspicious of your own growth.

plastic building blocks

What About the Soft Block?

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I used to be a person who responded to everyone who contacted me. Day or night. Regardless of who they were, if I even liked them, how much it inconvenienced me.

a keyboard with a Facebook like key on it

Is It Always Good That Something Is Relatable?

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While it feels good when something is relatable, is it always good? Or are there times when memes simply give us the permission not to do the work to change and grow?