Is It Better to Be With a Slob Who Tries or Another Neatnik Who Disagrees With You?

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Image by Phil Parker / CC BY

I’ve always been pretty laid back about chores, organization, and the state of a home.

do have a point where I tap out. I don’t like living in squalor. Once upon a time, this tipping point was something I think of as “the tripping point,” i.e., the point at which there’s no clear pathway through a room.  » Read more

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Reasons Why 5 Ambiamorous People Are Functionally Monogamous…At Least For Now

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Image by Diego A / CC BY

Often people view monogamy and polyamory as being polar opposites. Some even take the view that monogamy and polyamory aren’t relationship styles but innate relationship orientations, diametrically opposed ones at that, with no overlap. In this view, you’re either mono or poly. And there’s nothing in between.

Setting aside the nitpicky issue that the more proper linguistic pairs re: opposites would be monogamy/polygamy and polyamory/monamory,  » Read more

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The compound acronym “BDSM” breaks down into B&D, D&S, S&M or bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism. So really it’s BDDSSM – but that looks sloppy and smacks of diplopia, so the redundant letters are pared away, giving us our sleek little name, an umbrella for so much of what we kinky folks do.  » Read more

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