Research Finds No Evidence that Only Children Are More Narcissistic, Even Though People Are Likely to Think They Are

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say something like this after someone has behaved selfishly:

“Oh, I bet they’re an only child.”

It’s actually pretty wild, how pervasive the belief is that people who don’t have any siblings are destined to grow up to be more selfish and even more narcissistic than those who have brothers and sisters.  » Read more

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Monogamy or Polyamory: Feeling Special as an Only Child or in a Big Family

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Image by Giacomo Da Ros / CC BY

Most people who haven’t been polyamorous assume it’s difficult because you have learn to share your partner. And while this is true for many people, for me the hardest part was how much I shared myself.

Because one of the things I struggled with most when I began to practice polyamory was feeling like having multiple partners meant that I was shortchanging them.  » Read more

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