The Ruthful Pragmatist: You Can Tell A Lot About a Person From the Trade-Offs They Choose

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Most people know the word “ruthless.” It’s fairly commonly used. It means “having or showing no pity for others.”

And “pragmatic” means “practical.”

So a ruthless pragmatist is a person who is so practical that they go for what they want, screw the cost. They care about results before everything else,  » Read more

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Scarier in Theory: Meeting Metamours Can Help Dispel the Worry That They’re Perfect

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If you’re anything like me, your imagination is really good at coming up with scary possibilities. When it comes to conjuring up irrational fear, my brain is great at wiping the floor with me.

So of course, this tendency predisposes me to feeling intimidated by new metamours. Basically, everyone’s a supermodel astrophysicist until I meet them.  » Read more

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There’s Something Magical About That Person Who Raises Your Standards

a burgundy stoneware cup of coffee on a saucer with a spoon next to it. In the foam of the latte is a heart

I’ve Been Drinking Coffee Since I Was Nine

I drink the best coffee now. Kona beans ground and brewed in a two-in-one machine. The results splashed with heavy cream. Even holding the cup is a familiar kind of comfort. The warmth radiating through my entire hand.

I’m married to someone who doesn’t even drink coffee,  » Read more

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