When It Comes to Love, It’s All About That Base

a silhouette of a person playing upright bass
Image by Joao Vicente / CC BY

I spent many years working as a professional musician. Like a lot of folks, I played several instruments. Piano was mostly a private endeavor, primarily for composing and arranging, but ever so occasionally I’d do a solo engagement. Or play at church.

I also played the trumpet in pep band. But that was mostly because hanging out at games was so boring and the music so basic that I would have gone mad otherwise.  » Read more

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Everything I Know About Polyamory, I Learned as a Gigging Musician

a picture of a saxophone and a flute, propped up on music stands
Image by Garry Knight / CC BY

A lot of my favorite poly bloggers share a similar story: They came to polyamory naturally. Monogamy just wasn’t a thing that they did well (or at all).

Sure, some of them tried to fit themselves into that box, particularly when they came upon someone they truly cared about who expressed that exclusivity was important to them,  » Read more

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