Sometimes You Just Need to Throw Out Anything That Doesn’t Work for You

a stick person sitting in a trash can
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

Here’s a truth for you: someone in your life has died. And now, nobody knows what to say, and it’s going to really, really piss you off. That’s the nature of the beast here. Nobody knows what to say, so they will say things that are quite stupid. And they’ll say things that make you cry and things that’ll make you want to punch them in their ugly fucking face.  » Read more

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Women Avoid Revealing Clothing in Order to Avoid Aggression From Other Women

a dressform bust with fabric wrapped around it
Image by Chellbie / CC BY

A while back, I was talking to a woman who in general really liked her new mother-in-law. (As we noted in an earlier installment of these series, this is not uncommon; many women get along great with their mothers-in-law, in spite of cultural jokes that would suggest otherwise.)

However, the woman I was talking to had run into one hitch with her mother-in-law,  » Read more

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