PQ 5.7 — Are the choices I make in alignment with these values?

red and green lamp
Image by isengardt / CC BY

PQ 5.7 — Are the choices I make in alignment with these values [the values that are most important in myself and others]?


For the most part, I do a pretty okay job making choices that are consistent with my values. This is a good thing as it causes me a fair bit of distress whenever I depart from my values.  » Read more

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Queer, There, Everywhere: Upstaged by Dudes

a collie dog upstaging 2 other black dogs, one of which looks unhappy about it and maybe a bit jealous
Image by Flavio Ensiki / CC BY

“It’s nothing personal, Page,” she says.

We’re sitting in my car. My tiny blue compact, grandma-ed out with a black car bra. Her skin is glowing softly in the parking lot lights flooding into the backseat and just gracing her face.

“What do you mean ‘it’s nothing personal?’” I reply. “You don’t feel the same way about me that I do about you.  » Read more

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Toxic Monogamy, Why Mono/Poly (and Poly) is Hard

a cannister with the image of a man wearing a gas mask spray painted onto it
Image by eggrole / CC BY

Mono/poly relationships, i.e., a relationship between a partner who is monogamous and one who is polyamorous, are notoriously difficult. Traditional poly blogger wisdom points the finger at both parties having to compromise and feeling somewhat shortchanged. The difference between the relationship structures is to blame for the trouble, they write. But I think it’s even simpler than that.  » Read more

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