When Dealing with Other People, It’s Important to Account for the Possibility That They’re Different Than You Are

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A reader wrote in with the following suggestion: How about an article about how to deal with it if your metamour does presents but you don’t?


On the surface, it’s a fairly simple issue. So let’s say that your metamour really wants to give and receive presents. That it’s important to them.  » Read more

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Lady Friends, Gentleman Callers, and Frequent Visitors: What To Call a Metamour When It’s Not a Capital-R Relationship

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metamour (noun) – a partner’s other partner


“When are you meeting up with your lady friend?” I ask my partner Justin.

Lady friend. I don’t know what else to call her. Since I don’t yet know her first name. That’ll come later. All I know at this point is that they both swiped the same way on Tinder and are planning to meet up to…  » Read more

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It’s Tough to Pack Your Ego in Mothballs, But You Might Need to if Your Metamour Is Reluctantly Polyamorous

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A while back, some friends of mine, Margo and Emily, had their first foray into polyamory as a couple. They’d already been sexually open for a little while, having occasional threesomes with another friend (who had an anchor relationship of his own). But neither of them had another ongoing relationship, nor a connection where there were strong romantic emotions.  » Read more

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