Time Capsule

Being confronted with your past self is quite an eerie experience.

Many of my close friends know that my email inbox is a nightmare, completely bloated with old messages, because I never erase or even read anything that isn’t directly sent to me or looks somewhat interesting to me at any given time.  » Read more

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First Draft DONE!

Well, this is exciting! This morning I finished the first draft of the book I’ve been writing, the memoir about my (now-defunct) open marriage. I managed to end up with a longer manuscript than I’d anticipated and finished 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Fantastic!

Skyspook and I are looking into formats and such for Kindle sales and the like so I can get everything squared away in the second draft (which will address typos,  » Read more

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Archiving the Present

The neat thing about being a memoirist is that life is constantly giving me new material. Every day that I live I gather more experiences, insights that can be woven into a future work. Of course, working as much as I have lately on the book relating to my now-defunct first marriage (during which we were polyamorous,  » Read more

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Consensus as Illusory Evidence

Lately, I’ve been rolling around the concepts of dishonesty vs.  an incomplete (or even merely representational) model – or similarly, inaccuracy as distinguished from explicit deception.

These are the stones that my brain tumbles in a constant attempt to smooth them.

I addressed this earlier within the framework of the popular logical problem in my essay,  » Read more

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It’s gorgeous — if the size of a shoebox. Weak yellow floor in the kitchen. We set up a dented card table with rusted legs in the living room. It’s not quite level, but it’ll support the weight of a bottle of Arbor Mist. Snaggy carpet in the bedroom, what little you can see from around the bed.  » Read more

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