The Paternalization of Marriage: “You Need to Make Your Husband Do X,” “Get Your Wife to Do Y”

a wedding cake topper of a bride dragging a groom away by the leg
Image by nola.agent / CC BY

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of people who will judge you based on what your partner does — or doesn’t do.

I noticed this when I first got married.  I’d fallen in love with my husband for a number of reasons. An unflappable sense of confidence, a warm sense of humor, a kind of charm that’s difficult for me even now to explain.  » Read more

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I’ve Always Loved Movies About Married Couples Who Actually Like Each Other

a painting of two grizzly bears on a plain with mountains and clouds in the background. The grizzly on the left is standing on two legs. The grizzly on the right is down on all fours.
Image by Enrique Fernández / CC BY

It’s a very low-key Sunday afternoon. I’m a little under the weather, recovering from a stressful work week and nursing a slight hangover. Skyspook has been out late the night before at a friend’s bachelor party.

We’re hanging out on the couch watching movies from the 80s and 90s. Taking turns making suggestions.  » Read more

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