I’m So Tired of Love Triangles in Stories

a red triangle, a green triangle, a blue triangle, and a yellow triangle all in one straight line, over a black background
Image by Pexels / CC 0

My new novel Psychic City has been out for a few weeks. And holy hornbeam have y’all been awesome about it. I’ve been hearing from a lot you who have already read the book (wow) and really enjoyed it (aww).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the book, Psychic City is a slipstream mystery that follows a trio of polyamorous women who are detectives investigating a string of murders.  » Read more

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Polyamory Toolbox: Wearing the Friend Hat

2 plastic toy people who appears to be friends. Both are wearing hats and scarves. They are positioned so that they seem to be in mid-conversation with one another.
Image by fdecomite / CC BY

Part of what can feel daunting when trying to navigate polyamorous relationships is how few cultural models we have for a lot of what happens.

How are we supposed to act when we’re sharing a romantic partner with others? And how should we interact with our metamours (i.e., our partner’s other partners)?

Popular depictions of love triangles are profoundly unhelpful.  » Read more

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